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Akyga Worldwide – Our Office in China


Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, CHINA


Our Mission in China

  • Logistics

  • Production Quality Control

  • Product Tests

  • Technical Documentation Support

  • Sourcing New Products

  • Supporting Purchase Department in Poland


Comprehensive Logistics

In the heart of Jiangxi Province, our Nanchang office serves as a key logistics hub for all Akyga operations. Thanks to our strategic location, we ensure the efficient flow of products to our customers around the world.

Quality control

Committed to maintaining the highest standards, our office in China acts as the guardian of Akyga product quality. Quality control experts thoroughly test each product before it leaves the production lines, ensuring it meets global standards and customer expectations.

Testing and Technical Support

Our technical team conducts comprehensive product testing to ensure reliability and safe use. We analyse new products for performance and durability so that our technology solutions are always a step ahead.

Search for New Products

We continuously search for innovations and new products in the market to keep our product portfolio up-to-date and competitive. Our Chinese team analyses market trends and technologies, implementing new products that can revolutionize the market.

Support for the Purchasing Department in Poland

Close cooperation with the purchasing department in Poland is the key to success. Our office in China continuously supports the Polish team by providing market information, negotiating the best prices and delivery times, allowing us to optimise costs and improve purchasing efficiency. 

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