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1992 - Establishment of the company Ropla GmbH in Vienna

1993 - Establishment of the company Ropla Elektronik in Wroclaw

1999 - Establishment of the company Ropla Computers Sp. o.o. with the participation of Austrian capital.

2000 - Start-up. First Job: 6 people

2000 - Establishment of the company O.O.O. Ropla in Moscow

2000 - Establishment of the company ropla Ukraine in Lviv.

2001 - Created subsidiary Ropla Computers in Warsaw

2001 - Distribution ECS, AMD, Pioneer, DELTA - dynamic growth in revenues

2001 - Created branches of the company in Szczecin and Cracow

2001 - The company increases office space and storage.

2001 - Authorized distribution of notebooks IPC-ARCHTEC

2001 - Establishment of UAB ropla Elektronik in Lithuania

2002 - Audit of the investor. changes in the Management Board of the company.

2002 - Distribution SWEEX

2002 - Liquidation of subsidiaries in Warsaw

2002 - Changing the structure of stakes. Capital increase to the amount of 937.500zł

2002 - Change of company headquarters. 300m2 office, warehouse 1000m2

2003 - Liquidation branches in Krakow and Szczecin

2003 - Scquisition of ropla Electromechanics, dealing with the distribution of power and its own brand computer cases

2004 - Start of mounting LCD monitors AKYGA Wroclaw

2004 - Authorized the distribution of products AKYGA in Central and Eastern Europe

2005 - The start of work on the implementation SAP management system

2005 - Distribution AMD

2006 - Agreement on cooperation with representatives of trade in Taiwan and China

2006 - Full implementation of the integrated management system SAP

2007 - Authorized distribution distribution TATUNG market Polish and Czech

2007 - Distribution HANNS-G

2007 - Commissioning of Internet sales system eR-Link

2008 - Start of supplies from the US equipment - TV, notebooks, consumer electronics

2009 - Expansion of the operational storage space - with an emphasis on cooperation with AKYGA

2010 - 2013 - The acquisition of distribution partners AKYGA brand in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe

2013 - Start-up offices in China - Zhuhai, coordinating cooperation with partners, OEM / ODM

2014 - Intesive AKYGA development portfolio, combined with the development of sales channels in Poland and Europe

2015 - Change of company headquarters, moving to own an office and warehouse in Suchy Dwor near Wroclaw

2021 - Change of company name to Akyga Europe sp. z o.o.

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